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Saturday, Jan.22th, 2011

  • StorageCrypt v4.1.0 released !

          Add "Show drive label" option.

             Repaired some bugs, more stable than v4.0.0.


Saturday, Jul.10th, 2010

  • StorageCrypt v4.0.0 released !

          New feature in v4.0:

             1. Deep encryption mode, strong security level.

             2 .Fully portable use, put sclite on target drive.

             3. Force dismount the drive when it is still in use.

             4. Support command line.

          Repaired bugs:

             1. Few user still got "No disk" error, repaired.

             2. Can not set drive to public in small probability, repaired.



Sunday, Mar.14th, 2010

  • StorageCrypt v3.0.2 released !

         Repaired 1 bug, few users report below error, repaired.

         Get error message "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into

         drive X:" when choose the drive.


Friday, May.22rd, 2009

  • StorageCrypt v3.0.1 released !

         Repaired 1 bug, few users report below error, repaired.

         Get error message "Access violation at address XXXXXXXX in module

         StorageCrypt.exe" when program startup.


Saturday, May.09th, 2009

  • StorageCrypt v3.0.0 released !

          Repaired some bugs, more stable and safety.

             Since v3.0, StorageCrypt does not support win9x system.

          New feature in v3.0,

             1. If the encrypting process was not completely finished (abnormal shutdown), it also has

             ability to decrypt the drive . In v2.0, it would cause a fatal error.

             2. Show drive letter in partition info window.

             3. When removable drive was encrypted, system will not display a  message "The disk is not

             formatted !".

             4.Fully compatible with Vista and windows 7 system.   


Monday, Sep.27th, 2004

  • StorageCrypt v2.0.1 released !

          Repaired one bug. In v2.0, when close the program, sometimes get the 
          error message "Access violation at address xxxx in module StorageCrypt.exe
of address  xxxx". And this bug is no harmful with the data encryption.

Saturday, Sep.18th, 2004

  • StorageCrypt v2.0 released !

         Repaired bugs. Change encryption algorithm to 128 bits AES. New feature:
         Set each partition as public or privacy .In Win2000, WinXP, Win2003 Server,
         you needn't to replug the drive after encrypting, take effect immediately.

Wednesday, Apr.07th, 2004

  • Zero Ad v2.1.0 released !

          Support Opera v7.2, Kazaa v2.6, MSN Messenger v6.x. 

Wednesday, Mar.24th, 2004

  • StorageCrypt v1.1.0 released ! 

Saturday , Nov. 01st, 2003

  • Zero Ad v2.0.2 released ! 

          Support ICQ Pro 2003b.

Sunday , Oct. 26th, 2003

  • Zero Ad v2.0.1 released ! 

Saturday , Sep. 27th, 2003

  • Zero Ad v2.0.0 released ! 

          Repaired few bugs in Zero Ad v1.0.3  

          Add a new feature : Eliminate special ads.

Wednesday , Aug. 13th, 2003

  • Zero Ad v1.0.3 released ! 

          Repaired few bugs in Zero Ad v1.0.2

Wednesday , July 23rd, 2003

  • Zero Ad v1.0.2 released ! 

          Repaired few bugs in Zero Ad v1.0

Thursday , July 10th, 2003

  • Zero Ad v1.0 Build July 9th  released ! 

Wednesday,Mar.19th, 2003

  • Magic Locker v1.01 Build Mar. 19th released ! 

          Repaired few bugs; Trial times from 10 to 20.

Tuesday,Mar.4th, 2003

  • Magic Locker v1.01 released ! 

          Canceled  feature limit, only time limit for unregistered user !

Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2003

  • Magic Locker v1.0 made available for HTTP download

Monday, Feb. 24th, 2003

  • Web of Magiclab placed on-line





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