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StorageCrypt  4   ( Last version v4.1.0 )  

Password protect external hard drive, usb drive, flash drive. Encrypt external hard drive, usb drive, flash drive.

It's so fast that in quick mode few seconds is enough to encrypt 2TB drive.
It's easy to use for anyone with minimum computer skills.
Do you have lot of movies, audios, documents on portable drive and care about someone accesses your data by stealth? StorageCrypt is the solution. StorageCrypt allows you to encrypt and password protect second hard drive and removable drives, including  usb hard drive, esata hard drive, firewire hard drive, flash drive, SD card, pen drive, memory stick and more. It uses 128 bit AES encryption for maximum security and does not store the password on the removable device. Once encrypted, the drive can not be accessed on any computer. Fully portable use, you may take it to anywhere on the fly without the software installed on each machine. 






  Who are using StorageCrypt ?   (company and organization)

United States
The University of Montana Yockel Consulting, Inc
Starwood Hotels&Resorts (150 copies) Pepsi Co, Inc (100 copies)
LSU Health Sciences Center S.C. DHEC (50 copies)
US Army PM FCS (BCT) (10 copies) Douglas L. Williams, P.A.
Thayer Aerospace Electronic Combat Specialists
United Kingdom
SIEMENS Luxfer Group Limited (100 copies)
Inforensix Ltd Jazztech Solutions Ltd
J W S Management Ltd Peak Electronic Design Ltd
Peterson & Associates (Canada) lidia-sa (France)
TOWER SPA (Italy) NITZAN GERTZ -Photographer(Israel)
O'Neal Steel (Mexico) Schlumberger (United Arab Emirates)
CB Consultants (New Zealand) And more ...

What did user say ?

"I am an IT manager in an office in which there are 13 120gb external hard drives in use and over 40 laptops, and StorageCrypt is perfect for security. I just ordered 13 copies of it and am happy to put it to use. I recommend it to all who need secure hard drives."

Russ Grimes , University of Montana

"Nice bit of software"
This does exactly what it says it does. You can encrypt your spare HD or portable drive in seconds (my 160GB Usb 2.0 drive takes about 1.5 seconds) making it Inaccessible to anyone regardless of the system it connected to. Highly recommended for the security conscious and well worth the money.

Alan M

"StorageCrypt is exactly what I looked for, and I am amazed at the speed it encrypts my 60 gigas USB external hard disk.
I looked for something that would protect my data while I was on the road.
I found lockngo which would nicely lock a removable drive and it works fine with my pendrive. However, it would not work with my 60G external disk.
I do have DriveCrypt, that would create en encrypted partition and that's nice, but the license (expensive) is only good for one computer. You would need to be connected to the internet and uninstall/reinstall the software each time. Unreal too for people on the move. Their portable version also works only for real removable devise and not usb disks.
Container encryption just does not fit for huge disks, and file encryption would take just way too much time.
With StorageCrypt I can just crypt the whole thing whether usb disk, pen drive or fixed secondary disks and it hardly takes more time than a disk locking. I can even run the software from the directory on my pendrive to unlock my usb disk.
Exactly what I needed. Genial! Thanks a lot for the magic! And at an affordable price at that!
(Note: this is not an advertise but a real life experience)."

Peter Schori







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